fiveoclockcharlie is the very embodiment of Georgia Long. 

Previously of the bands The Long Girlz, The Shock, and The Alchemists, Georgia is finally stepping out onto the music scene as a solo artist and putting out the music previously kept only for herself. By constantly performing professionally and moving back and forth between TX, LA, and NY; Georgia has assumed a balance between hustle and art usually only known by the taste makers at the very top. 

She thrives in the public eye and has a flare for all things fantastic; proven by the success she’s achieved with her many creative endeavors, including comic illustration and mixology. If art represents the artists emotion, mood, and ideology, it’s clear what is on Georgia’s mind… the party. 

With her electro pop brainchild fiveoclockcharlie, she has finally struck pay dirt with producers and co writers Steven Solomon and William Boreing. As you read this, the first string of singles under fiveoclockcharlie are being released to very good reviews from labels, PR firms, and YouTube reviewers. 

Georgia is a party so fiveoclockcharlie is a party. 

Drive to it, dance to it, or drink to it- but listen, because it’s incoming, and five o’clock is here.